[TR] TR4 fix nut to secure door pulls

J.C. Hassall jhassall at blacksburg.net
Sun Dec 9 09:45:46 MST 2012

On 12/8/2012 8:58 PM, alan salvatore wrote:
> I am trying to locate the fix nuts or something to be used in place of
> them, that secures the screws  to the door that hold the interior door pull
> handles for a TR4.
> Original part #  FS2758/4
> I don't see them listed by any of the usual sources.

I have a pair of Moss #317-025 I'll send you if you want them.  I 
ordered them for my 63 TR4 but they were too large.  The factory cutouts 
in my doors measure 0.25 square, but the Moss parts are 3/8" square, 
which Moss says is correct.

Per Bob Danielson's suggestion I found some expansion nuts at my local 
hardware store which worked.


Jim Hassall
Blacksburg VA
'63 TR4 in autox preparation
99% finished, 90% to go

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