[TR] TR3A Clutch Release Bearing

suhringtr36 at comcast.net suhringtr36 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 8 11:14:14 MST 2012

I needed to replace the release bearing on my clutch in the '59 TR3A.  The the one that went bad (bearings are toast) was a single unit (bearing and sleeve).  The replacement I purchased from Moss came in two parts: 595-000 is the release bearing and 596-010 is the sleeve.  My question is which way does the release bearnig go on the sleeve?  One face is smooth and the other side has the manugacturer's info stamped on the face and the edge is rounded.  If I put it on with the stamped and rounded edge side facing the clutch, it fits almost flush with the sleeve end but there is less friction with the sleeve. If I put it on with the smooth side facing the clutch, it is a snugger fit on the sleeve so bith RB and sleeve spin if you spin the RB, but it does not sit flush with the end of the sleeve, so it sits more forward. I hope this makes sense to someone who has done this.  My inclination is that the stamped surface is to face the clutch as it just feels better, but...  Thanks.

Scott Suhring
Mechanicsburg, PA
'70 TR6
'59 TR3

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