[TR] TR4A Dash Lamps - Holes not large enough

G.D. Huggins guy at genfiniti.com
Fri May 13 14:14:54 MDT 2011


I am in the process of wiring up and installing the dash components (gauges, lamps, switches, etc.) in a cake-layer fashion; starting with the facia items (top layer), then working to the plinth (middle) and finally the heater items (bottom).  As I was test fitting the wooden facia to the metal frame, I noticed that my two lamps (red and green) have a diameter too large (1") for the holes in the frame (3/4") they are supposed to fit through.

I am fitting thus, relative to the driver..

1. Bezel Nut
2. Wood facia ("squeezed" between the bezel and the tube)
3. Lamp tube (which is supposed to fit back through the metal frame like the gauges do)

Can someone tell me the correct diameter for these lamps?  Am I doing it wrong?
I suspect that mine are incorrect, but I can't see these coming in a lot of varied diameters either.


Guy D. Huggins
1965 Triumph TR4A
CTC 63569LO

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