[TR] Alternatives to cluster shaft needle bearings?

Michael Lang mlang99 at comcast.net
Tue May 31 20:30:39 MDT 2011

Which Rockwell scale? I checked my old shaft today on a 15-N tester (all
that I have available at work) and it measured 92. Using the conversion
chart, that would be equivalent to 65 on the more common Rockwell C scale.

My transmission has seen some work at some point - the front layshaft
bearing is the style that includes the outer race while the rear bearing
ran directly on the inner surface of the layshaft.



fogbro1 at comcast.net wrote:
> List, 
> FWIW, the original layshaft for the all synchro boxes had a hardness of 92 Rockwell. With the exception of TRF's, all of the replacement shafts I had tested several years ago fell far short of the design spec. Don't know what's being supplied by others today, but TRF's are still made to that spec and in the USA! 

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