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Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue May 31 12:42:02 MDT 2011

> 1. What grease to use on the splines?

I have not tried it myself yet, but many people (including Greg Solow) seem
to like Ford D2AZ-19590-A (which is a special purpose grease developed by
Ford, to solve an almost identical problem on their cars & trucks with
sliding splines).  Not cheap, but a little poking around on-line turned it
up for $20/pound.

> 2. What lubricant to use in the gearbox and overdrive?

Lots of debate on that topic, with no clear consensus.  I used to use
Valvoline VR1 (racing motor oil) 20W50, and I still feel it is a good
choice.  But I switched to Redline MT-90 (a full synthetic GL4 gear oil
designed specifically for manual transmissions) and it is clearly better
IMO.  Shifting is now absolutely perfect both hot & cold, where it wasn't
always just right with the 20W50.  Kinda pricy though, although I found it a
bit cheaper by the case on the Internet.

> 3.  What lubricant to use in the rear end?

I have been using Valvoline SynPower Gear Oil for over 20 years, and it
works very well IMO.  Although it is rated GL5 (meaning it provides more
protection for the hypoid gears than GL4 does), it also contains none of the
"active sulfur" additive that can shorten the life of the brass thrust
washers used in Triumph diffs.

-- Randall

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