[TR] Whew! Finally, GT6 progress

Jim Muller jimmuller at rcn.com
Mon May 30 16:37:14 MDT 2011

It's been a long wait...  I haven't been active in either of these 
lists for many months.  But today I finally got some free time and 
therefore got some car work done.  First, I got the Spitfire fired up 
after its long winter's nap.  It seems to have suffered no ill 
effects from such a long sleep except for a thoroughly dead battery.  
If it doesn't hold a charge after begin on a charger for a few days 
I'll spring for another battery.  It's been getting weaker for years 

More importantly, I started re-assembling the GT6 gearbox.  It took 
some doing to get the 3rd gear circlip in place, the one at the front 
end of the mainshaft.  But I got it firmly in.  Don't know why it was 
so hard, even after ordering two new ones from Spitbits.  Then I got 
the mainshaft, input shaft, and reverse gear all in place and in the 
gearbox!  The layshaft is next, but I know a few tricks to make that 
job easier.

I need to go to work tomorrow so I can rest.

Happy summer, everyone!  Drive safe.

Jim Muller
jimmuller at rcn.com

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