[TR] Alternatives to cluster shaft needle bearings?

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FWIW, the original layshaft for the all synchro boxes had a hardness of 92 Rockwell. With the exception of TRF's, all of the replacement shafts I had tested several years ago fell far short of the design spec. Don't know what's being supplied by others today, but TRF's are still made to that spec and in the USA! 

Additionally, a longer bearing can be used on both the front and rear of the layshaft to provide more support. This replacement is .995" long and has an outer shell. It's not open as originally supplied by Triumph in the later cars. This "shell" can be used to advantage in saving a cluster gear that's been damaged by the open needle bearing configuration: press it in with a bit of Loctite Stud and Bearing Mount. 


Ed Woods 
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