[TR] TR6 Rear End Clunk

Bill anabil007 at comcast.net
Mon May 23 17:42:27 MDT 2011

Probably worn splines or u-joints on the half-shafts ... fought this 
for some time finally put in the GoodParts   CV half-shafts ... 
problem solved.

You should also plan to reinforce the mount ... good kit for that 
available (if you can weld)

>A little help from TR6 owners please. I have a TR3 and a TR4 but 
>lately have been looking to purchase a TR6. I recently looked at one 
>quite a distance from where I live but have a concern about a clunk 
>in the rear. When both I and the owner drove it, there was a mild 
>clunk coming from the rear when engaging the clutch from a 
>standstill and when I drove it, sometimes when shifting gears just 
>before engaging the next gear. It seemed similar to what I have 
>experienced when one of my cars needed a new universal joint. The 
>owner indicated that he understood from other TR6 owners that 
>"...that was the way TR6s were". He tells me the universal joints 
>and the differential mounts were replaced . From what I have read, 
>this might relate to worn diff mounts that lead to cracks in the 
>frame where they mount. Since the diff mounts were replaced, it 
>shouldn't be worn diff joints. What is the wisdom of the list 
>relative to this rear-end clunk?
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