[TR] peening lift the dot studs

carlsereda carlsereda at aol.com
Wed May 11 15:05:50 MDT 2011

guessing a little here on your intentions...
a pointed 'nail punch' if you want to slightly expand the portion 
(from behind) that goes into the screw down bracket - or a small 
socket, say 8mm or 3/16" if you want to hit the edges around the 
portion of stud protruding from underside of the screw-down bracket. 
In either case gonna need to be careful to hold the peg securely (on 
the sides and at the pointed end) so as not to damage them.. (maybe 
drill a shallow hole in hardwood to insert the peg so you can bang 
away on other end without damaging pointy end)
'63TR4 since '74

Can anyone recommend a tool, that is not a ball-peen hammer, for 
peening the ends of lift-a-dot studs?

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