[TR] [mntriumphsgroup] TR6 Speedometer

Doug Mitchell dmitchel at sbcglobal.net
Mon May 9 12:21:37 MDT 2011


Are you 100% sure it is the Speedo? I had a similar problem a couple
of years back, and it turned out to be my speedo cable. It was broken
near the speedo head. It would occasionally show the right speed and
then fluctuate wildly. Finally stopped working altogether. Much cheaper
than a speedo although possibly more difficult to replace.


From: larry.berg12 <lsberg at coldwellbankervision.com>

I am in need of a speedometer for my TR6.  
On Saturday I drove to breakfast at a constant speed of 40 to 120 MPH down 
highway 169.  Looks like I need a SN6411/11 speedometer, that would be set up 
for a 3.7:1 differential. The appearance isn't important as we can put good 
insides in my case.
I would appreciate any help as a new unit or rebuilt unit would run about $250.

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