[TR] Steps in doing a tune up

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Valve setting effects compression.
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Ted Schumacher <tedtsimx at bright.net> wrote:

>Cosmo and list.First step in a tune-up is a compression check. If a 
>cylinder is down,no matter how good th tune-up, yo can't compensate for 
>loss of power in a cylinder. Ted
>On 5/2/2011 1:05 PM, Cosmo Kramer wrote:
>> Hi List!
>> When I do a tune up on the Garage Queen, I first start with checking the valves
>> &  adj. them, to have them set right, because the engine is still cold.
>> My question is:
>> What are the steps, IN ORDER, to do an efficient tune up with a car that has
>> points?
>> I would like to know, from when the engine is cold to when the engine is warmed
>> up, the procedure to the last step. TIA,
>>   -Cosmo Kramer
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