[TR] Oil Seals

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Mon Mar 29 20:57:53 MST 2010

> i then wiped with a barley oily finger

I've brewed beer since 1984.  Still I'm not exactly sure what
barley oil might be. ;-)

The vast majority of leakage from sump pans and valve covers
that I've seen has been because someone along the line mistakenly
thought that if tight is good, tighter is even better.  What you end
up with is the edges around the bolt holes being distorted and stretched
out of shape, instead of a nice level surface.  It takes some time with
a proper hammer and "anvil" to return the gasket flanges to a shape
closely resembling what they looked like when they left the factory.

For valve covers, also make sure the area around the fastening bolts
is flat and not caved in.  Somewhere I have the part number for the
Honda Goldwing valve cover seals that work perfectly on Triumphs.
Ted S. usually has them at his booths during various shows and races.


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