[TR] Transmission tool

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Mar 29 16:45:16 MST 2010

> I am rebuilding  the shifter lever controls in TR3 transmission.
> In order to remove the shifter forks I need to take out a retaining
> bolt.
> It's head is square about 8mm. Anyone know where to get
> a drive or socket that will fit it properly.

Any decent tool supply should be able to sell you a 5/16" 8-point socket.

I got mine at Sears, but you could mail-order from McMaster-Carr if you
wanted to.  
P/N 5543A63 

I also find it helps to use a T-bar with both hands to turn the socket, so
there is little or no side force applied to the set screw.  The original TR3
ones weren't so fragile, but the later ones with the nylon insert snap
really easy.

-- Randall 

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