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John A. Wise 60TR3A at cox.net
Mon Mar 29 09:36:36 MST 2010

The lawn tractor theme reminded me of my teaching my son to drive a stick - in
a large blade-less lawn tractor - an MG Midget.  At the time we were living in
Pittsburgh, PA (the land of constant hills), so smooth clutch work is needed
about 30% time (e.g., pulling away from a traffic light or stop sign while
going up hill).  We spent a lot of time practicing it, until I realized that
most of the time you shift the clutch is basically an on-off switch.  Once I
told mu son to treat the clutch was a variable control and the gas peddle was
the on-off switch he picked it up after a couple of ties.

So six years later when I taught my daughter to drive a stick in that same
Midget it was a piece of cake.  However, by that time we had moved to Florida
and the challenge was to find something that somewhat approximated a slope!!


On  29 Mar, 2010, at 8:05 AM, chip19474 at aol.com wrote:

> List,
> I was thinking about my lawn tractor experiences (and how they relate to
> today's driving) the other day as I began the heart breaking decision to
> finally buy a new tractor after 34 years of faithful service from the old
> Sears 8hp 30" .
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