[TR] Learning to drive a TR

David Brister david.brister at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 29 02:47:05 MST 2010

This is an interesting one. My TR4A has syncromesh on all 4 gears,
but if you want to change from 2nd to 1st you have to double declutch on the
way (just as you had to do on those 20's and 30's cars with straight cut
gears) or it is very reluctant to go.

So with good syncro you just have to depress the clutch and move the gear
lever into the desired gear which you could show anyone with normal
coordination in two minutes, but I would imagine you would need more time to
learn how to double declutch.

I would'nt be too concerned for my TR4 gearbox which might emit horrendous
sounds when mishandled but no damage is likely to result.

Of course YMMV,

David Brister.
1967 TR4A

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