[TR] TR3A A-Type Overdrive Oil Change

terryrs at comcast.net terryrs at comcast.net
Sun Mar 28 04:56:28 MST 2010

Got sick of having to fill or add oil to the tranny through a funnel with a
long hose to the side hole.B  Messy, slow, etc.

Broke down yesterday and used a hole-sawB to drill a hole in the tranny cover
over the dipstick.B  Managed not to cut into the cover switches or wires.B 
Will put a rubber plug in, and now I can check and add with ease!B  Good thing
too.B  The oil level wasn't reading at all.B  Valvoline 20/50 racing oil
poured in through a small funnel took 5 minutes instead of half an hour.B  Why
didn't I do that years ago?

Uhm...I already know the reason, so please don't volunteer.B  When other
people say it, I lose my sense of denial....

The notched oil drain on the OD was loose and leaking.B  Last year when I did
this routine,B I used an oil filter wrench to tighten it down.B  Didn't work
all that well.B The plug was finger loose when I took it off.B  Never again on
that one.B  Didn't like doing that much in the first place, so asked for one
of those E-Bay notched sockets for Christmas.B  Had to mildlyB file the old
brass plug for it to match up with the socket.B  Now, no worries.B  Used a
half inch breaker bar to snug it down solidly against a new washer.

BTW, a felt battery post washer is a perfect fit under the screen.B 

After a winter of insulating, drywalling, painting, staining and hanging 20
feet in the air nailing 6" tongue and groove ceiling boards to complete the
new breezeway, today I take the TR out for the first time.B  Thank goodness
for Springtime!!!

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A

New Hamsphire

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