[TR] TR3A 3rd Brake light

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I put my top on and off all the time with this setup. Keep in mind that I had to fashion the bracket for it. 
I am not going to tell you that is as easy as without it because it is not but that or having a Hummer go over the top, it seems pretty easy!
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I also have the LEDs from Litzupp based the advice from the list.  I liked
them so much I also bought a set for the brake lights on my 911.


> I bought a third brake light from this guy in CT at Stowe about four years
> ago. It is one of these LED jobbies about 12 inches long.  I replaced the
> center Lift the Dot pegs in the center back and replaced with 10-32
> machine screws and mounted this this by finishing off with chrome acorn
> Those behind me definitley know when I hit the brakes.

Given that I have only had the top on the car twice since 2004 I guess it
would not be a problem.  Does anyone have another location where new holes
would not be needed??


John A. Wise
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