[TR] gas line clips TR3A

THOMAS FANSHER tfansher at comcast.net
Fri Mar 26 18:40:55 MST 2010

Sorry Randall, et al the clips I have are the 59191 and they are too small. 
So I'm looking for the 59190 clips.
Sorry for the problem.....senior moment ???

>> I've got some of the 59190 clips and they are too small.
> Ok, I'm confused ... what was the problem again?  TRF has the 59191 clips,
> which must be right if the 59190 are too small.
> I also don't see how 59190 can be too small for the fuel line, when the
> factory used them on the speedometer cable.  If one were to reshape it 
> just
> a bit, I'll bet it would hold 1/2" od just fine.
> -- Randall

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