[TR] Off topic but fun anyway

Dave1massey at cs.com Dave1massey at cs.com
Wed Mar 24 04:36:54 MST 2010

In a message dated 3/23/2010 8:53:42 PM Central Daylight Time, 
mhooper at digiscreen.ca writes: 
> Because the parking brake was off and there was no safety switch for the
> system, the dealership claims they have no responsibility for the damages
> incurred. Both sides are awaiting word form their insurance firms."
> So - Does anybody think it is actually possible? Through a chain-link 
> fence in
> idle? Hmmm... Cheap fence I suppose.

If it was a Toyota...

Seriously, there's no word of terrain but if there was a mild incline 
involved, if the car was in a higher gear and there was sufficient distance for 
the car to attain, say 15 - 20 MPH, I doubt a chain link fence would hold it 
back.  The fence was most probably intended to keep pedestrians out.

Remote starter on a manual transmission.  Whoever installed it probably 
bypassed the clutch interlock.


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