[TR] TR3A 3rd Brake light

Michael Lang mlang99 at comcast.net
Tue Mar 23 19:10:04 MST 2010

I did exactly what you are considering. I have tried to keep most things
original but when it comes to reliability or safety, I tend to upgrade
because my car is a daily driver. The third brake light is definitely
more noticeable especially during the day.

My current project is a pair of Miata seats. Mostly because my original
seats are really shot, but partially for the additional head restrain
(even if the head rests are a bit short).


John A. Wise wrote:
> I thought this might be a good idea to share with the list.
> A couple of weeks ago at the Phoenix Wheels of Britain gathering, one of the
> regular TR3 guys had converted the license plate light of his latter model TR3
> back to the earlier brake light/license light.  I am thinking about doing the
> same thing.  The only real (& trivial) change will be to run a brake wire to
> the fixture.
> I recognize that the light is fairly low, but when you regularly drive in a
> place as busy & crowed as the Phoenix metro area, I figure every little bit
> helps.  Besides once installed, it should not take more that 5 minutes to swap
> it back out, whenever "originality" may be important.

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