[TR] Summer party info??

Steve Thornton sothornton at stevethorntonlaw.com
Tue Mar 23 07:06:51 MST 2010

Barry et al-

For one, if I were to attend only one British car event for the Summer,
this would be it.

In years past, TSP has been expanded to include events from Thursday
through Sunday evening. My favorite has been the Drive-in movie, where
they have rented the entire venue and played a car related movie, while
serving dinner. They have also served evening meals that have been as
elegant as service on china in the past.

However, in more recent and leaner times, TRF has become more cost
conscious and the events have included a night at the drag strip, a
funkana, evening movies (but not at the drive-in) and a chance to dive
at Charles' restaurant, The Coventry Inn. In short, TSP is a big
congregation of like minded enthuasists gathering together at the

I wish you could have attended in the years past when things were larger
and expanded, but I will always enjoy traveling to Pennsylvania for any
event they organize.

Hope to see you there!

Steve Thornton
Bowling Green, KY

1968 Triumph TR 250
1963 Jaguar Mk II RHD
1965 Harley Davidson Topper
2000 Indian Chief
2007 Harley Davidson FLSTC

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Hoping not to start a huge thread about the virtues of the Summer party,
My wife and I were thinking of taking a road trip and in doing so
include the Roadster Factory's Summer Party this year, but was wondering
if the trip (from San Diego) would be worth it.  Can anybody that has
attended let me know what is involved/included, in other words is it
more than just another car show and worth the couple of weeks (and
expense) that the trip would take??
Nothing on their site really says what will be going on ore is included
in the entrance fee.



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