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Distributor should point away from the engine, at least in my car and the
manual it is that way.  Lengths are pretty straight forward, just remember
the firing order is 1-3-4-2 (front-to-back), and cut your lengths
accordingly so that they can be routed comfortably


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Try again - tried emailing through the web interface - evidently didn't
Thanks Tim

What is the correct routing of the ignition wires including the direction
that the 'coil' wire points out of the distributor cap?  I have about 6
photos of
car engines and no two are the same.   Instruction manual is useless (or at
least I couldn't find any images)

Also, does anyone have the lengths each of the wires should be?
Thanks a bunch..

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Hi there;

No text from you in this e-mail. Was something missing?


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