[TR] new wheels on the TR3

John Reed jr468 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 18 18:18:08 MST 2010

I now have my new 72 spoke 15x5.5" painted wire wheels with Vredestein
185/70R15 sprint tires on my TR3.  I really like 'em.  I was concerned the
spoke pattern might look too tight on a TR3.  I like the look.  It's even
better in person than in photos.  Compared to the 165 tires on disc wheels I
think these stick out more than the 10mm I was expecting (half the increase in
tire width).  Maybe the wire wheel offset is different.  The tires stick out
slightly wider than the lower part of the fender behind the rear wheel.  The
tread portion is inside the fender.  The 165s were completely inside the
fenders.  Given that I generally like an original look I'm surprised that I
don't think this looks bad at all.  It gives it a more aggressive stance, but
I think it still fits the car.  Maybe I don't mind the look because the tires
on modern cars are out even further and I'm used to that.  I also think the
wider tires give the car a better look when viewing straight on the front and

I haven't had a chance to really test the handling at high speed cornering and
curves.  From the driving I have done I have less tire squeal on fast turns
and the car seems to better go where I point it.  But I haven't tried it
enough to know for sure.  I do know that nothing about the handling is worse.
Low speed turning is as easy as ever.  (Rebuilt worm and peg box).  There's no
reduced quickness from wider tires either.  And the best part is no more 50
mph scuttle shake.  What a difference new, round wheels make.  Also no
interference with the tires on full turns.  The 185s fit comfortably.

Thanks again to everyone that told me wider tires are the way to go!


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