[TR] TR4 door pulls for your TR6

Brian Lanoway blanoway at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 17 10:44:06 MST 2010


I too have used TR4 inside door pulls on my TR6.  They look correct, work
wonderfully and are easy to install.  To complete the look, on my 1973 TR6,
I also installed TR6 inner door panel caps without the finger pulls.

The bolt holes in the TR4 door handles line up exactly with the existing
holes in your inner door frame.  You just need to punch two holes in each
vinyl door panel for the bolts.

Heres a trick for adding threaded inserts to your inner door frame for the
handle mounting screws.  I used threaded inserts and a tool for electrical
chassis work (I have a friend who makes his own bass guitar amps and has the
tool)  Im not sure of the proper name for the inserts/tool.  The threaded
inserts install like pop rivets.  You can also use the folded metal tab
threaded inserts but the chassis inserts do a much better job.

Good luck with the install.  Youll appreciate the TR4 handles every time
you close your doors.

Brian Lanoway
1973 TR6
Winnipeg, Canada


>On March 16th, Bob Danielson wrote:

>I'm thinking of doing away with the stock interior door pull for the late
TR6 and try to find a retro-like pull handle. >There's a bunch out there for
MGB, Sprite, TR4 etc but I'm hoping for one that would match up with the
existing screw >holes that are 4-7/8" center to center. Has anybody done
this or have a part# that would fit?

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