[TR] [6pack] Door Pulls

Bud Rolofson levilevi at comcast.net
Wed Mar 17 10:35:14 MST 2010


I have the TR4 door pulls on my 6.  They were there when I bought the  
car so I'm not sure how they're attached but they are very handy and  
solid.  The top of the door where the TR6 vinyl/foam/hand pull was is  
painted body color.  I bought some replacement vinyl/foam/hand pull  
strips but never put them on but even if I did I think I'd still keep  
the TR4 pulls since they are so functional and they wouldn't have to  
be moved to accomadate the TR6 strips.

Bud Rolofson

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levilevi at comcast.net

On Mar 16, 2010, at 8:31 PM, Bob Danielson wrote:

> I'm thinking of doing away with the stock interior door pull for the  
> late TR6
> and try to find a retro-like pull handle. There's a bunch out there  
> for MGB,
> Sprite, TR4 etc but I'm hoping for one that would match up with the  
> existing
> screw holes that are 4-7/8" center to center. Has anybody done this  
> or have a
> part# that would fit?
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