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Mon Mar 15 21:22:49 MST 2010

Mark, I see the Google and the little 'Public Service ads by Google' in the
lower right-hand corner.

Clicking through now so you can have that BIG payday!


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Okay, if you're willing to spend a moment, go to http://www.team.net/archive

At the top of the page should be a box with  in the lower right corner, or
do you see what looks like regular commercial entity adverts?

Something odd seems to be happening with my Google ads, trying to track it
down.  It would be nice if lots and lots of folks would go to Team.Net pages
with ads and click on the ads and I'd get a nice check from Google on a
regular basis.  Then I could quit begging people for the money needed to
keep Team.Net on the air!

Anyway, if a few of you could assist, I would appreciate it.


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