[TR] Bosch Alternator

Tom Note tom628 at verizon.net
Sun Mar 14 21:57:47 MST 2010

Ed:  I got one thru autopartsgiant.com. , P/N 13107. It came w/o a pulley. 
Got a chrome one from Amazon, Mr.Gasket #6808.
On my '76 TR6, it was a direct plug-in. Other years may require an adapter, 
which I believe Moss sells.
Most guys have gotten the Bosch alt from Rock Auto. Usually they come from 
Rock Auto with the pulley, but sometimes not. Call them.

Also, if you have the later engine with the air pump removed, you may have 
to source the earlier alt mounting bracket. If you choose to retain the air 
pump, perhaps someone else will be able to advise.


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> List,
> Has anyone out there actually used a Bosch alternator (Ford Fiesta 
> '78-'80)? What did you use for the connector? Were you able to find the 
> proper alternator connector with a pigtail? I've been to four local FLAPS 
> to no avail.
> TIA,
> Ed Woods
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