[TR] Renkenberger 6-Tech Manual Download

Bob Danielson 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org
Fri Mar 12 14:06:19 MST 2010

Over the past few weeks, James Matos, Len Renkenberger, Paul Rego and I have
been working together to make Len's 6-Tech Manual available for download at
no cost. Paul and I have agreed to host the manual on our respective sites
and have had a number of 6-Packers do some test downloads for us. The test
downloads have been successful so it's time to roll this out to the 6-Pack
Forum, 6-Pack Mail List, British Car Forum and the Triumph Mail List.

There are a couple of download options so folks with high speed as well as
low speed connections should be able to get what they need. There are also
very specific directions on the steps to take to save these files to your
hard drive.

The first option is for those with DSL/Cable and is a download of the
complete manual at 36 MB and a supplement at 16 MB. With a high speed
connection, the 36 MB file should take less then 5 minutes.

The other option for those with a slower connection is to download the
individual sections that range in size from 1 MB to 5 MB.

If you find that downloads are taking longer then expected, please try again
at another time.

Len has been very gracious in letting us post his manual and the only thing
being asked is that you abide by the copyright for his material.

You will find the files available here (http://www.74tr6.com/6-tech.htm) and
here (http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/6-tech-Manuals.htm)

James Matos, Len Renkenberger, Paul Rego & Bob Danielson 

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