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thenicholls at verizon.net thenicholls at verizon.net
Thu Mar 11 18:18:20 MST 2010

I also sent my unit to Advanced.  He did a fantastic job, looked brand new, and provided me a superior cap for a small charge.  My total was less than $120, installed the unit, and the car started on the first start.  Hit it with a light, made some adjustments, and all was well.

He does fantastic work, highly recommended.........Craig

1972 Triumph TR6

On Mar 11, 2010, Bob <yellowtr at adelphia.net> wrote: 

On Thursday 11 March 2010 07:36:07 pm Carl TR wrote:
> I was able to fix the clamp - will need to get an appropriate bolt/nut to
> replace the bent one- but otherwise it works. (I used a long machine
> screw/nut and was able to tighten it down.)
> The vacuum unit is toast. BPNW has them listed on their site. But - I
> vaguely remembered a thread about distributor issues when installed on 86mm
> engines. A search of the archives found:
> Re: TR3A ignition timing
> from [Thomas Meise]

If you are having trouble with your distributor, any part of it, you can send 
it to Advanced Distributors and Jeff will rebuild it better than new for around 
100 $. He will replace any worn part and install a new vacuum unit if 

I had him do my distributor on my 72 TR6 and it came back better than new and 
he micro polishes the body to a mirror shine,

After my 6 is done I am going to be shipping both my 3 and 4 distributors to 
him. He comes very highly recommended!

The link is: http://www.advanceddistributors.com/index.htm


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