[TR] Distributor bits

Carl TR cfmtr3a at verizon.net
Thu Mar 11 14:51:48 MST 2010

For late TR3A

looking for the p/n 503678 plate, clamp distributor   the one I have is pretty
beat up and the clamp doesn't hold the distributor in place.  I may have
another in a box and will look this weekend but - does anyone have a spare?
Also, it is fairly 'soft' so it may be that I can just straighten and replace
the bolt/nyloc.

looking for a vacuum unit for the same - p/n 503697.  The threaded rod/knob is
bent on mine and although I haven't tried adjusting (it does turn a bit) I am
concerned that it will not function as designed.  Again, I may have one but
does anyone have a spare?

Also, the clamp has residue of a gasket on it, but none of the manuals or
parts diagrams indicate that there should be one.  Anyone know?   wouldn't be
hard to make but ...

Thanks again

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