[TR] TR4A Seat Questions

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Wed Mar 10 23:12:33 MST 2010

>The backs of the chair have uneven uprights. B One is "straight" up, the
>is slightly angled toward the center line.
>When these are placed in the car, does the straight side go on the B-post
>side, or at the emergency brake.

>I need to get my hands on some of the straps that go across the back. B Where
>might one get these? B Or should I just make my own?

I'm not sure if the inner workings of seats differ much between your '4A and
my '3A.B And I'm not sure what you mean by "uprights," unless you mean the
chairbacks of one tilts more than the other?B  On the '3A, one seat is
adjustable, one is not.B  ISR the adjustable one stays on the drivers side,
the fixed one on the passenger side.B 

In terms of terms of the slats that go across the back to which you tack the
upholstery, somebody may make them now, but I fabricated mine out of, I think,
quarter inch underlayment from Home Depot.B  Cutting them isn't all that easy,
since they have to fit curving both down and forward.B  Then soak them in a
hot tub of water for as long as it takes them to soften and take the final
shape by gradually increasing multiple-clamp pressures to the seatback.B 
Probably easier ways to do it, but worked for me.

Have fun!

Terry SmithB  '59 TR3A (TS 58667)

New Hampshire

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