[TR] Seeking list member in Orlando, FL area (Non-TR)

bill_beecher at flash.net bill_beecher at flash.net
Wed Mar 10 21:12:49 MST 2010

Looking for someone that could go and look at a car I am considering in the
Orlando, Florida area, it is an Austin FX3.  I would be happy to pay a
reasonable fee for your services.
Of course, you don't have to be an Austin expert I would just like a general
condition report about paint, rust, damage etc.  It is at the restoration
garage of Phil Westbay, does anyone know him?
Bill Beecher
'58 TR-3A TS/30766 L (rolling restoration) www.triumphowners.com/1566
"A Triumph is man's best friend, it always comes when it is called...of
course, some times it is difficult to make it go"

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