[TR] Sway bar mounting on a small mouth TR3

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Mar 8 17:09:46 MST 2010

> I see the Addco front sway bar (anti-sway if you prefer) is 
> only listed for
> the 58 and later TR3 with the beefier front bumper brackets.  
> Has anyone here
> mounted a front sway bar on the earlier TR3 or TR2?  What 
> make sway bar?

Well, since the PO had put a later front apron on my 56, I decided to leave
it and use the later style bumper brackets to mount my ADDCO sway bar.  But
eventually, I plan to make some custom brackets, so I can keep the ADDCO bar
and convert to the earlier bumper & apron.

In fact, the factory-optional bar for the TR4 used such brackets, so that
would be one potential source for them (although of course the TR4 bar is
too wide for the TR3 and the ADDCO bar would have to be modified at best to
work with the TR4 mounts).

Another solution is to turn the bar around backwards, and mount the brackets
to the bottom of the frame.  But that leaves them hanging down rather close
to the ground, so I decided not to go that route.

BTW, I don't believe the issue with the early bumper mounts is necessarily
strength, as much as they simply don't offer any place to put the bar
mounts.  If you were inclined that way, I suspect you could even make
brackets that would clamp to the early bumper mounts and in turn provide a
flat place for the sway bar mounts.  The forces involved aren't very large.


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