[TR] TR4A Hood Sticks Cover

Paul Willoughby paulwillou at socal.rr.com
Sat Mar 6 16:14:11 MST 2010

My 64 TR4 has the tan hood sticks.  That original color looks fine with my 
black lined white top.  I did a quick check of the list archives for a spray 
can color but couldn't find one.  A couple old posts list the color as 
Sandalwood beige.  I say paint them tan.

1964 TR4
1956 TR3

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> Hello,
> I'm preparing to install a new convertible top on my TR4A, and I need to 
> paint the hood sticks and front and rear metal strips.  My car was 
> originally white with a red interior and I'm redoing it the same with a 
> white top. It looks the hood sticks were originally a tan color - not the 
> white body color.  Were all car's hood sticks tan regardless of body or 
> top color?
> I'm about to order a Robbins top from TRF, but don't have it yet.  I 
> believe the Robbins top will have a black interior lining - can anyone 
> confirm that?  My inclination is to paint the hood sticks the original tan 
> color, but my wife says if the inside of the top is black that won't look 
> right.  Her opinion is that I should paint them black if the inside of the 
> top is black.  I'm looking for other suggestions and opinions.
> Thanks, Ben......

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