[TR] aero screen mounts

Anthony Cascio allegrorover at mac.com
Sat Mar 6 11:44:10 MST 2010

Mine is TS27093LO, so some time thereafter they must have stopped.
But trying to find what they put on originally is the hard part.
I was in the UK for the past two weeks and met with the Essex Triumph  
club and they hadn't seen any of the originals.
I even went to the Brooklands race course and they weren't any help,  
except to explain that many cars came to the track and had modified  
aero screens.
Mike Sabelhaus who is presently assigned to the UK is going to  
Stoneleigh on March 7 & 8th, and he promises to have a look for me.  
Wish I could have stayed longer to have a look for myself and ask  

Tony Cascio
58 TR3A
allegrorover at mac.com

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