[TR] TR3 Clutch Hose (also TR4 I suppose)

Paul Willoughby paulwillou at socal.rr.com
Fri Mar 5 17:28:28 MST 2010

On rubber products, I personally would buy new from a major supplier.  With 
ebay, there is a chance that the rubber could be old and ready to 

1964 TR4
1956 TR3 (Geo's Folly)
Torrance, CA
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> Looking at a couple of eBay items... both described as being for a TR3
> but they do not appear to be the same:
> http://members.cybertrails.com/~ahwahnee/Clutch%20Hose%20!BljDy,w!Wk~$(KGrHqUOKikEtlz8HCrnBLcGng72M!~~_12.jpg
> http://members.cybertrails.com/~ahwahnee/Clutch%20Hose%205b70_1.jpg
> I'm thinking the first one looks more like what I'd expect.  Do not
> have the old hose off to compare as the car is still driveable.
> Any help appreciated, thanks.
> Geo

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