[TR] Welcome to "Team.Net Forums"

Cosmo Kramer tr4a2712 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 4 03:15:40 MST 2010

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 17:25:06 -0700...

Bob wrote:
> ... > I went and registered for the Team.Net Forums as suggested by Mark...
What I imagine is that many of those who want image capability are looking
... mjb.
Hi List!
Yes, I  just signed up for <Team net>, but I'm having a hard time of trying to
understand how to post an 'Avatar?'.
I did have Frank F. reply (Thanks Frank) with some explication, but I was
having security problems at that time after I went to sign up.
NOTE: I'm NOT saying that the problems came from that forum. So I had to take
care of that, FIRST!  This is why I'm replying so late to this specific
I did go to this other forum to see what that was like. Well, I thought that
<Team Net> was complicated, BUT this one really baffles me. So all I'm saying
is: If you have a hard time understanding computors, then you may need help
when sighing up on these different forums. 

-Cosmo Kramer

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