[TR] Tr 3 Transmission

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If you spell check "tranny" it will change it to "tyranny"


Montgomeryville, PA

1974 TR6

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bielings wrote:
> B the tyranny of my TR 3
Interesting typo ;-)

By circlip remover are you referring to the fairly wimpy ones on the
big bearings? B If so, tools for that can be found at many parts stores,
hardware stores, etc.

If you are talking about that big ol' monster that holds the 2nd gear
cluster in place on the mainshaft, that's different. B Many years ago I
purchased the repro of the Churchill tool for that from TRF, and have
used it quite a few times. B Still, that thing is a pain to remove and

You might consider purchasing an extra circlip, it is possible to fracture
the new one during installation and having a second one handy means the
gearbox won't be sitting on a bench for days waiting for the new one to


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