[TR] engine swap / motor skip

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu Jan 31 23:07:59 MST 2008

> There still doesn't seem to be any spark in # 2 cylinder.
> At least when I unplug # 2 theres no difference.
> If  I unplug any of the other spark plugs the idle changes.
> Running out of ideas

What are your compression readings ?

If you have a timing light, try connecting it to the #2 plug lead and see if
it works.

Try removing #2 plug, connecting the plug wire to it, then laying or holding
the metal shell against a grounded surface while someone cranks the engine.
That will let you examine the spark.

I have seen it happen that brand new plugs get glazed within just a few
miles when run in a motor with other problems.  Then when you solve the
other problems, the glazed plug still causes a misfire.  So another thing to
try is swapping the #2 plug with another cylinder to ensure the problem
stays at #2.  Do the same thing with the plug wire.

How much timing scatter do you see ?  Have you checked the point gap after
#2 fires ?

Just a few things to try ...

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