[TR] Tow Bar Blues

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Thu Jan 31 19:54:50 MST 2008

-I suspect that I have the record for miles flat towing a TR3; I even did 
most of it with a 1967 Jaguar E Type  Coupe (my only other car at the time)  well 
over 100,000 miles with the tow bar
The problem with a stock TR2-4 is that the front suspension has zero castor, 
so the wheels will not
return to the center on their own.
I had modified my TR3 for racing, so I had added positive castor, and it 
tracked well unless I had bent it on the race track. I NEVER tied the steering 
wheel except to test the idea once.
I always disconnected the drive shaft for any long tow.
Do NOT back up when flat towing, even on dirt.
Do look far down the road, as stopping or swerving takes much longer.
Once I moved out of San Francisco (trailer parking issues) and could afford 
an Aerostar, I purchased
a two wheel trailer with surge brakes.  It was much safer, and the TR3 was 
quite bent, with help from a Porsche, at Road Atlanta the previous day.
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Greetings Listers,
Several years ago I found a tow bar that matched the bumper hole  
pattern perfectly for my TR3. I've used it many times with  
inconsistent results when turning corners.
Some times the front wheels refuse to turn and scrub around the  
corner, other times the wheels turn all the way to lock, and refuse  
to straighten up causing me to get out in traffic and  straighten the  
wheels before I can continue down the road.

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