[TR] TR4 Voltage Reg/Igniton Light

Geo & Kathleen Hahn ahwahnee at cybertrails.com
Wed Jan 30 17:35:11 MST 2008

Thanks for the advice.  The cut-out seemed to work as specified when I 
conducted the test... operating w/i the voltage range and the amps swinging 
up & down more or less as described.

I did find the connections at the dynamo to be very poor.  This could be a 
result of the problem rather than the cause as they may well have been 
'cooked' one of those times when the ignition light stayed on.

As an experiment I adjusted the cut-out screw 1/4 turn CCW.  One manual 
declined to say how to adjust it, the other explained the result of CW vs 
CCW and said to only move it a small amount (but didn't say how much is 
'small').  The quarter turn did not make a noticeable difference in the 
readings so I will see if the problem recurs, gets better or gets worse.

Not too scientific but at least I'll have more data and no real harm should 
occur as I am the only one who drives the car and will conscientiously watch 
that light.


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>> I find that the cut-out relay is still maintaining a slight
>> magnetic field
> ...
> it's at least consistent with
> the cutout relay being out of adjustment. 

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