[TR] Steering Column Bushings.... EASY! THANK YOU!!!

Lanoway, Brian Brian_Lanoway at standardaero.com
Wed Jan 30 14:16:24 MST 2008


Based on your recommendation, I'm about to order a set of Art Lipp's
steering column bushings for my TR6.  I had a hard time imagining what
had to be done to install these and worried that it might be difficult,
but your latest post to your web site shows that it is in fact VERY

Thank you so much for posting the installation photos on your web site.
I'll be following them while saying "Thank you Bob!" every step of the

Brian Lanoway
1973 TR6

	On Jan 28th Bob Danielson wrote:

		Guys & Gals,

		I just finished one of those "dreaded"
jobs.....replacing the steering
		column bushings. But I used Art Lipp's Delrin bushings
and the job was very
		easy. No need to remove the shaft, column or even the
old bushings. These
		tap in over the old ones. I just updated my site with
directions and
		pictures, so give it a look see
		(http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/SteeringColumn.htm) Now
that I've done it
		once, I could probably do it again in an hour's time.


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