[TR] TR3 radiator heigth?

dorpaul dorpaul at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 29 15:00:23 MST 2008

I am installing a new radiator into my TR3 and I don't know the heigth it's
suppose to be.  A long time ago someone sent me pictures showing this, but
they must have gotten deleted.

I  can 'tightly wedge'  the radiator's neck between the two doo-hickeys that
are mounted to the aluminum bow (this 'tightness' won't hurt anything will
it?) .  In fact, should the radiator's neck TOUCH the aluminum bow?  It
proably needs a substantial gap.

Proably the neck should lack about 1/4" of touching the neck (but it will
touch doo-hickeys on both sides of the neck).

Paul Dorsey
60 TR3A

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