[TR] Thrust washers

DLylis at aol.com DLylis at aol.com
Tue Jan 29 05:22:28 MST 2008

If I may raise an old subject once again.  I just want to check with  the 
I am helping a friend rebuild his 3A motor and as most often happens when  
three or four guys work together questions come up that might not be raised when 
 working alone. This one has to do with thrust washers.
The factory manual says to put them in with the 'white metal side against  
the crank shaft".  The thrust wshers that were received from the supplier  are 
steel on one side and brass/bronze (?) on the other.  The yellow metal  side 
has oil grooves in it.  As the TWs were being installed with the  steel side 
against the crank (because it is white metal)  I said NO.   First the steel side 
has slightly raised numbers stamped into it, and the yellow  metal side has 
the oil grooves which should go against the rotating  member.  Turn them around. 
 This is the way I have installed  these things.  All agreed that my logic 
was correct, "but it says. .  ."  I never questioned the yellow metal side with 
the oil grooves against  the crank as correct until this.  
What say others?
David  Lylis
69 TR6 CC26160L
60 TR3A TS74461LO

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