[Spridgets] I bought a Bugeye, thoughts on getting it from WI to NJ

Linda Grunthaner grunthaner at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 04:54:12 MDT 2019

Last fall I bought this non running Bugeye from WM. Severin Thompson in
Wisconsin and my friend/mechanic who was going to pick it up and store it
for me has no truck (blown engine). Any thoughts on getting the Sprite & a
few engines here to NJ? I was thinking of a U-Haul box truck and checking
into it today. I'm on a tight budget. I can buy WM's trailer but I don't
have the storage for it : (
PS I will always keep my pink Spridget : )

62 California Spridget "Pinky"

"Pay if forward" in honor of Frank Clarici III, Spritenut
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