[Spridgets] Deep Pink Sprite on eBay

Mark Haynes 220caribou at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 07:47:29 MDT 2016

The VIN is HAN6L20037, My MKII was HAN6L12799, built in Dec 1961. That's an
obvious respray, as Rick caught, with duct tape in the wheel well. Doesn't
look  like a '64 with that VIN.
Mark Haynes
It only goes one way- Pay It Forward

Nice looking car and cat, what would Frank say ???

According to "The Sprites And Midgets" the HAN6 is 1961 but there seems to
be a problem with the chassis number, 120037, this is six digits and this
reference only shows five digit chassis numbers.

Then Moss Motors catalogue has similar information.
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