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Sat Apr 2 09:08:13 MDT 2016

I'm still lurking.  My Midget (I own the Padre's old one that was sold when the Holy Sprite was being built - remember that?) hasn't been out of the garage in almost 4 years.  A back injury has made it impossible for me to drive.  I got a 2004 Mini, so I can get my sports car fix, but my Spridget days are probably done.   If anybody wants to buy that Midget, and/or a parts car that's been in my sister-in-law's basement garage, I think I'm ready to let them go to a good home...  we're in Western New York.


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Hi Larry,

Unfortunately, when Frank left town back in 2011, he took it with him.

4/11/2011 to be exact.

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Is the Spridget List still active?


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