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Hi Diane and welcome to the list. Mark has done an awesome job these
past 25 yrs. running the list(s) and he promised to run it for 25
more...right, Mark? Ya, I know send in my donation...it's in the mail!

Diane you will get all sorts of opinions and learn a lot and read
a lot of banter...most of it in good humor. The best thing I can say is
this list becomes like a family. When I joined 24 1/2 years ago never
did I think I be traveling the country helping folks with their cars and
going to their races. BTW, sweet engine Ron!! Diane if you get to
Blackhawk, Road America, or Gratten you'll see Ron driving one fast

If you get up to Wisconsin or need help with something give a
shout I'm just up the road. See you at the Swap Meet maybe. 

Pay it
Forward......right Frank? Miss you. 

Dave Woerpel 

59 :{) 

59 MGA

Burlington WI 

On 2016-04-09 20:40, Diane Elliman via Spridgets

> Hi all, 
> I joined the list late last year. I just got my
little Midget last October, so have not had much chance to drive it. It
has been in my garage all winter. I am still waiting for the weather to
warm up so I can get her out of winter hibernation! 
> I enjoy
reading the conversations on the list, but much of it is a bit too
technical for me!! I was given great advice from this list and another
one when I asked guidance about tires. I have now bought new tires for
my Midget, and will get them put on asap when the weather improves. I
have to get help with them because my 1973 Midget has wire wheels. I
have joined an MG Club in the Chicagoland Area, and hope to also get
guidance from them regarding some things I need to get done on her. I am
grateful that the list is there for guidance and support. I would like
to hear what fun things people are doing with their Spridgets and any
accomplishments they make. Also would love to see pics of the Spridgets
and what people have done to them. 
> diane 
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