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Paul Van Wig pvanwig at mac.com
Sat Apr 2 07:51:59 MDT 2016

I will also be in Phoenix for the 36th SW Unique Little Car Show with my woody

Paul Van Wig
Big Bear/Lakewood, CA


1959 Nash Metropolitan "Tiffany" (the wife's fun ride) w/63MGB motor
1968 Morris Minor Woody RHD "Thomas"
1960 Bug Eye (awaiting restoration) & a Kellison Fiberglass bonnet 

1960 Minor Woody 
1965 Midget-parts

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rrengineer.mike via Spridgets wrote:
> Wow! Has it been that long?
> Mike MacLean

I'll be in Phoenix next weekend, so my post about 4/11 may be early, may be late. It has been a long time.



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