[Spridgets] Tyre Life

Martyn Ridley ridleymj at brant.net
Fri Apr 1 19:21:35 MDT 2016

Six years - only if you drive the car year round and in temperature 
extremes.  i.e. here in Canada.  If you are only driving in 'Spritley' 
weather you can get many more years.  By the time the tyres 'harden up' 
and loose grip, say ten years, they will behave much more like the OEM 

As for only ordering Stateside, what's the big fear of ordering 
internationally; a Talaban with every tube?  There are several UK 
suppliers more than pleased to assist with the joy of dealing with 
customs.  US customs can't be worse than Canada Customs (after all, our 
guys have guns now too!)  Shipments by DHL, Fed Ex can be quoted on a 
'delivered' basis (includes customs and delivery to your door - for 
those uninitiated).  UPS will do the same but they tend not to handle 
such sized shipments.

As I said earlier, its more expensive, but if that's the tyre you 

If you want to go cheap, get a 155/80 13 from Coker.


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